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Exilis™ Body Sculpting & Skin Tightening

Exilis™ is an FDA approved device that offers a non-surgical solution using radio frequency (RF) energy for tissue tightening anywhere on the body. By combining RF energy with cooling we can treat all areas of the body where tighter, firmer skin is desired. The areas most frequently treated with Exilis™ are face, jowls, neck and décolleté. With Exilis™ treatments there is no downtime, no pain, and only a moderate to intense sensation of heat which tells you that the treatment is achieving its goal. Scientifically proven and clinically tested worldwide, Exilis™ provides progressive results that last.


Please visit the Exilis™ website to view before and after photos.


Contact Us for more information about Exilis™ and SculpSure, the 25 Minute Non-Invasive Body Contouring Treatment for up to 24% Fat Reduction to treated areas!



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